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pontifications on various obsessions, including:


every tuesday devoted to R2D2 (#artoosday), the greatest character in all of science fiction.


an ongoing quest (3 years running) to read all the books on


another ongoing quest (6 years running) to watch all the films in these lists, in chronological order:

     AFI top 100

     Roger Ebert's Great Movies

     Sight & Sound 2012 Top 250

     Leonard Maltin's Top 100

     Time Magazine Top 100

     IMDB Top 250 (including all changes as it evolves)

     Best Picture Oscar Winners

     Best Foreign Film Oscar Winners

     Movieline Top 100

     Empire Magazine 100 Best Foreign Films

     Total Film's Most Influential Films

     All Criterion Bluray Titles

     100 Top Grossing Films of All Time Adjusted for Inflation

     Martin Scorcese's 85 Essential Films

     Spike Lee's 94 Essential Films